Characteristics of Armstrong ceilings

October 20, 2021

Features of Armstrong blankets

Hanging modular systems for high ceilings can be safely referred to as the best solution, and the series Armstrong in the line of suspended ceilings for office and public spaces, bij indeed there is no equal. Therefore, it is worth getting to know the modern Armstrong ceiling systems.

Based on the special features of the construction, the suspended ceiling systems can be divided into solid and modular. Dat level of the second ceiling type, consists of modular (separate) elements, and is a collection of panels, rails and cassettes, which are attached to the frame. There are two ways to form a frame. The first-the frame is hidden behind the exterior trim. The second-IT projects to the front of the suspended ceiling.

Types of panels for suspended ceilings Armstrong

Mineral products on base coating of mineral fibres-Armstrong ceiling systems,
Plastic PVC ceilings Armstrong,
Metal plates Armstrong-are divided Boven racks, lattice ceilings "Griljato" and cassettes,
Design ceiling systems-divided boven glass and mirror.
Ceilings differ in type, purpose, acoustic properties Kilo, technical properties.
It is important to know! It is impossible to visually distinguish between a ceiling and a ceiling, since the difference is not noticed "on the eye". It consists in the principle of fixing the frame of the hinged structure. If the frame is attached to the walls and the base inset of the ceiling with a minimum clearance, the rails of the suspended ceiling system are hung on the base ceiling.

Accordingly, for those who need to maintain the original height of the ceilings, it is worth organizing a ceiling construction. Prerequisite for the installation of such a system is that the curvature of the base of the ceiling is subtiel.

Advantages of modular suspended ceiling systems:


good hygienic parameters,

low price,

easy assembly and repair / replacement of components,

dat ability to hide technical communication in intercollective space,

Possibility to organize recessed luminaires.

Modular, Armstrong ceiling, mineral
The interiors of modern offices are rarely without Armstrong ceiling design. They offer sound insulation, improving the acoustics in the room allow you to hide technical communication, regulate the level of lighting. As part of such a design, you can install lighting lamps and install ventilation grilles.

The composition of the mineral modular suspended ceilings comprising ceiling panels and guide rails (hanging system).

Armstrong ceilings belong to the hanging systems of the class "Economy" and are intended for the design of sales rooms, public and office areas.

Economy-class ceiling systems

- "Oasis Plus", "Tatra", "Cortega", "Bajkal", "Oasis". These are functional suspension structures that can be mounted to Boven special rooms with high demands on acoustics, moisture resistance, impact resistance, Hygiene and durability.

Ceiling Systems Type " Prima»
- "Prima Adria", "Prima Plain", "Prima Casa", "Prima Duna Plus", "Prima Fine Fissured", "Prima Cirrus". This class follows the economic systems. Goede ceilings are characterized by high moisture resistance, fire-resistance, increased acoustic parameters, resistance to damage, and the presence of decorative textures.

Types of moisture-resistant ceiling structures

Armstrong moisture resistant, Boven is also used to decorate rooms where temperature and humidity often change (Pools, laundries, terraces, hospitals, bathrooms, technical areas, warehouses). Marche - "Milar", "Newtone Residence".

Types of acoustic ceiling systems
Armstrong Acoustic is recommended for the decoration of rooms with a high level of sound absorption in Restaurants, schools, auditoriums, hospitals, Hotels, offices, swimming pools. For medical facilities developed a separate type of modular suspended ceiling systems-medical ceiling Armstrong. Brands - "Neeva", "Frequence".

Hygienic Ceiling Systems, " Bioguard»
The modular hygienic blankets "Bioguard" are not only intended for medical facilities. Because they fully correspond to the modern Standards of GOST, TB and Hygiene, you may be boven kindergartens and educational institutions, premises of grocery stores, health care facilities mounted.

Types of Design-ceiling systems

Armstrong design ceilings are different from traditional office options. Such a modular ceiling systems create elegant patterns and patterns on the surface of the cover. Armstrong decorative ceilings are installed in salesrooms, cafes, entertainment facilities, offices and private homes. Brands "Visual V49", "Cirrus Image", "Graphis Diagonal", "Cirrus Doric", "Graphis Cuadros", "Cellio", "Graphis Linear".

It is important to know! These models of decorative Armstrong ceilings may have dat same composition, but different texture, thickness or mounting technique.

Names of brands are given for dat simplification of search and acquaintance with decorative ceilings of this or that kind in the catalogs of manufacturers.

Technical parameters of the different types of Armstrong ceiling hanging systems

Hanging Ceiling Constructions " Bajkal»
Dat composition is mineral fiber.
Sound absorption NRC-0, 55.
Moisture resistance (%RN) – 70.
Plate Dimensions (Mm) 600*600*12.
Thermal conductivity (w / m*? C) - 0, 05562.
Alpha w (H) is 0, 55.
Reflection ( % ) - 80.
Sound attenuation (DB) - 34.
Suspended Ceiling Systems ", Oasis»
The composition is a mineral fiber with roughness on the surface.
Sound absorption NRC-0, 50.
Moisture resistance (%RN) – 70.
Plate Dimensions (Mm) 600*600*15.
Thermal conductivity (w / m*? C) – 0, 052 – 0, 057.
Alpha w (H) is 0, 55.
Reflection ( % ) - 83.
Sound attenuation (DB) - 34.
Benefits of suspended ceilings Armstrong
The use of MPP improves the thermal Balance and comfort of any room.
The low weight of the system completely allows you to overlap the ceiling on a large scale, without the use of additional supports and partitions.
Plates from minvolokna - non-combustible Material with the increased acoustic qualities (high level of sound absorption).
Dat use of Armstrong ceilings allows you to significantly reduce the volume of the heated room.
The modularity of the ceilings opens up dat possibility to install lights and lamps in the construction, whereby the functional areas can be marked and the central lighting can be organized.
Disadvantages of Armstrong ceiling hanging systems
The drawbacks of Armstrong ceilings are the fear of moisture panels of those types that do not belong to the washable and moisture resistant ceiling systems.

Armstrong Ceiling Systems
Features of works after installation of ceiling systems Armstrong consist of extreme simplicity and high speed of fixing of rails.

Types of edges of the plates:

Microlook, FL-the edge of the panel has a narrow step, mounted in a suspended ceiling with a width of 15 mm.
Board, SQ-plate with all the flat edges, mounted boven a suspended ceiling with a width of 24 mm.
Tegular, SLT-the edge of the plate has a wide step, which is mounted Boven a suspended ceiling with a width of 24 mm.
It is necessary to know the type of edge of the selected ceiling system, since the type of the suspended ceiling depends on the T – 15 and T-24. At the same time, the hanging system dat is constructive basis for the design of the ceiling. The standard system is made boven know, but echtgenoot can always diversify the interior of the office space in color, including shades of black color, as well as the equipment under Gold, chrome and so on.

Calculation of the Armstrong ceiling construction

To know about the material consumption for dat Armstrong suspended ceiling, you can use a special "online calculator" available on the dealer's site. With, for example, exact dimensions of the perimeter of the room and the area of the ceiling base, you can calculate the number of necessary panels and components (guides made of aluminum, suspensions, screws, etc.).

A simple calculation example:

Task: it is necessary to make a cassette perforated ceiling Armstrong Boven a small office space (perimeter 14 m, area of ceiling base 12 m2).

The data is entered into the online calculator, boven the corresponding fields. The following result will be obtained:

Ceiling panels-34 units (12, 24 m2)
Wall Angle 3 m-5 units.
Rake 0, 6 m-17 units.
Rake 1, 2 m-17 units.
Mounting rail 3, 7 M-3 units.
Suspension-9 Units.
There are Alternative calculation formulas, in which the area and the perimeter of the room, as well as the dimensions of the components themselves, as a basis be taken

How to use the Armstrong calculator:

Площадь потолка: м2
Потолочная плита:

Результат по материалам

Плита потолочная шт. кв.м
Подвес шт.
Угол по периметру 3 м шт.
Несущая направляющая рейка - 3.7 м шт.
Направляющая рейка - 0.6 м шт.
Направляющая рейка - 1.2 м шт.